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CS2303  THEORY OF COMPUTATION                                                

UNIT I                 AUTOMATA                                                                                             
Introduction to formal proof – Additional forms of proof – Inductive proofs –Finite Automata (FA) – Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) – Non-deterministic Finite Automata (NFA) – Finite Automata with Epsilon transitions.

UNIT II               REGULAR EXPRESSIONS AND LANGUAGES                                   
Regular Expression  – FA and Regular Expressions – Proving languages not to be regular – Closure properties of regular languages – Equivalence and minimization of Automata.

UNIT III                CONTEXT-FREE GRAMMARS AND LANGUAGES                          
Context-Free Grammar (CFG) – Parse Trees – Ambiguity in grammars and languages – Definition of the Pushdown automata – Languages of a Pushdown Automata – Equivalence of Pushdown automata and CFG–  Deterministic Pushdown Automata.

UNIT IV                PROPERTIES OF CONTEXT-FREE LANGUAGES                           
Normal forms for CFG – Pumping Lemma for CFL – Closure Properties of CFL – Turing Machines – Programming Techniques for TM.

UNIT V                  UNDECIDABALITY                                                                               
A language that is not Recursively Enumerable (RE) – An undecidable problem that is RE – Undecidable problems about Turing Machine – Post’s Correspondence Problem – The classes P and NP.


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