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CS2304 SYSTEM SOFTWARE                                                


           To have an understanding of foundations of design of assemblers, loaders, linkers, and macro processors.

·                     To understand the relationship between system software and machine architecture.
·                     To know the design and implementation of assemblers
·                     To know the design and implementation of linkers and loaders.
·                     To have an understanding of macro processors.
·                     To have an understanding of system software tools.

UNIT I                         Introduction                                                                                         

System software and machine architecture – The Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC) - Machine architecture - Data and instruction formats - addressing modes - instruction sets - I/O and programming.

UNIT II                       Assemblers                                                                                          

Basic assembler functions - A simple SIC assembler – Assembler algorithm and data structures - Machine dependent assembler features - Instruction formats and addressing modes – Program relocation - Machine independent assembler features - Literals – Symbol-defining statements – Expressions - One pass assemblers and Multi pass assemblers - Implementation example - MASM assembler.

UNIT III           Loaders and Linkers                                                                         
Basic loader functions - Design of an Absolute Loader – A Simple Bootstrap Loader - Machine dependent loader features - Relocation – Program Linking – Algorithm and Data Structures for Linking Loader - Machine-independent loader features - Automatic Library Search – Loader Options - Loader design options - Linkage Editors – Dynamic Linking – Bootstrap Loaders - Implementation example - MSDOS linker.

UNIT IV           Macro Processors                                                                           

Basic macro processor functions - Macro Definition and Expansion – Macro Processor Algorithm and data structures - Machine-independent macro processor features - Concatenation of Macro Parameters – Generation of Unique Labels – Conditional Macro Expansion – Keyword Macro Parameters-Macro within Macro-Implementation example - MASM Macro Processor – ANSI C Macro language.

UNIT V                        SYSTEM SOFTWARE TOOLS                                                     

Text editors - Overview of the Editing Process - User Interface – Editor Structure. - Interactive debugging systems - Debugging functions and capabilities – Relationship with other parts of the system – User-Interface Criteria.


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